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The Story of SMARTathlon 2017

On the morning of Saturday 16th September, the smart South West team headed from their bases across the South West for the very first SMARTathlon. The early sunshine was deceiving and looming clouds meant the afternoon was graced with thundershowers and unrelenting rain. But this didn’t dampen the spirits of those who had made the journey to join us at Dartmoor Zoo.

We thank you all for your willingness to get fully immersed in the spirit of the day.

Based on a concept designed by Plymouth College of Art students, the SMARTathlon would challenge attendees to utilise our smart cars in three areas: turning, parking and packing.

These trials were chosen to test the smart cars in these different disciplines, allowing guests to experience the diversity of the smart range for themselves.

The compactness of the smart car lends itself to the manoeuvrability and agility for which the range has become renowned.

TURNING – Thanks to its length of just 2.69m and the new Direct-Steer system with variable ratio, the smart fortwo boasts a turning circle of just 6.95m measured from wheel to wheel. Perfect to get you out of those sticky spots.

PARKING – With a length of just 2.69m for the smart fortwo and 3.49 for the smart forfour, parking in a smart car is a breeze. Even in reverse!

Trial completion!

However, alongside all the benefits that come with a compact car, perception can be that size comes at the expense of practicality.

PACKING – Our collaboration with Ikea back in 2015 aimed to argue the contrary. Instead, proving that the smart forfour provides space for a whole room. Leaning on this theme, our packing challenge aimed to show off the loading capacity of both our fortwo and forfour models.

Those who participated in all three challenges would be eligible to become our SMARTathlon Champion. The winner would be the contestant who achieved the quickest combined packing time.

Congratulations to the very first SMARTathlon Champion, Dave Pike, who has won a years family National Trust membership!

With a volleyball pitch and a selection of giant garden games, not to mention the many fascinating zoo animals, there was plenty to entertain guests of all ages.

We enjoyed the wonderful colouring-in submissions we received. Some giving us inspiration for new exterior colour combinations, while others choosing to give a quite brilliant nod to pop culture.

SMARTathlon drawings

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