smart forfour

Discover the smart forfour.

Double your fun with the smart forfour: experience uncompromised agility and manoeuvrability with added practicality.

With comprehensive safety features and numerous clever solutions, the smart forfour is the standard for urban mobility.

Size really does matter.

smart forfour dimensions

Like the smart fortwo, the forfour has been built with the city in mind. Being only 3.49m in length, the woes of finding a parking space are a distant memory.

The smart among the four-seaters.

smart forfour comfort

With plenty of cargo volume and seating for four adults, the smart forfour offers you all the beauty of smart – and more. It may be small on the outside but the smart forfour feels big on the inside.

Not just turning heads.

smart forfour turning circle

One benefit of having its engine at the back is an ability to turn around in surprisingly tight spaces. This makes the smart forfour one of the most manoeuvrable cars on the road.

Standing firm.

smart crosswind assist

Crosswind Assist detects sudden, strong gusts of wind which can act on the side of your smart car, and helps to prevent your car from “drifting” out of lane by means of targeted braking on one side of the vehicle.

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