The smart electric range boasts lower running costs and zero driving emissions, making it a win for the environment and your budget.

smart electric, driving emission free

Zero driving emissions. Infinite possibilities.

With a guide range of up to 99 miles*** on a single charge, smart electric offers the enjoyable and comfortable ride of the regular smart with the added advantage of zero driving emissions.

We’re also one of the only car manufacturers to offer their full range of cars in electric versions; meaning whether your preference is the fortwo, forfour or fortwo cabrio; we have an electric option for you.

SMART ForFour Electric

Lower running costs.

Benefits of the smart electric drive range:

  • All smart electric drive models are in Vehicle Excise Duty Band A, so you’ll pay no road tax.
  • You’ll qualify for the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) car grant*, offering up to £4,500 off the cost of the car.
  • You may benefit from other savings such as free or subsidised parking.

Smart electric statistics

smart electric charging

Easy to charge.

It’ll soon be common to charge your electric car overnight at home, it’ll become a habit like charging your smartphone. Charging stations are also appearing all over the UK making it easier to charge your smart car on the go.

Charging at home.

The fastest way to charge your smart electric drive is by connecting it to a purpose-built wall box using the supplied charging cable. A wall box will charge the battery from 20% – 100% in just 3.5 hours.

You can also charge your smart electric drive from any domestic power socket but it takes a little longer: 20 – 100% in around 6 hours.

Charging on the road.

Charging stations at motorway services, supermarkets and public car parks are becoming more commonplace as electric and hybrid vehicles become more popular.

Most of these charging stations will support your Type 2 connector for the smart electric drive. So you battery level begins to run low, you’ll never have to search too far to top-up the power.

Charging stations near you.

Wondering where your nearest charging station maybe? Use the link below to narrow down your nearest charging station and for longer journeys plan your route. The map includes public and semi-public charging facilities for your electric car – worldwide.****

>> Go to the map.

smart electric app

smart control.

Smart control offers numerous “Connected Car” functions from viewing the remaining power left in your battery, predict driving range, charge status and a whole range of other information relating to your vehicle.

You can also set the climate control while your smart is charging from the mains, so that your car is ready to go as soon as you are.

Available with iOS and Android.

>> Apple App Store

>> Google Play Store 

Fun, safe, efficient and practical.

Fun to drive.

Electric cars, unlike petrol cars; deliver power to your wheels as soon as you push the pedal, with zero lag time. This means the smart electric feels even more responsive and agile than it’s already agile petrol-powered counterpart.

Efficient power.

Using a regenerative braking system to harness kinetic energy, every time you slow down this is energy that helps charge the battery.


Through-loading function

Through-loading function

All smart models enable you to fully fold down the front seat backrest so you can load longer items.

tridon safety cell

tridon safety cell

Made of high-tech steels, the tridon safety cell keeps you and your passengers well protected.

smart Media-System

smart Media-System

The smart Media-System with 7-inch display offers a complete entertainment package including 3D navigation, hands-free calling, and music streaming.

*The OLEV grant is subject to terms and conditions and eligibility may be revised or withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

**From 20—100% charge in approx. 3.5 hours when charging at a wallbox. Depending on the local electricity infrastructure and the charging current set on the charging cable.

***New European Driving Cycle. The figure shown relates to the smart fortwo coupé and was obtained in accordance with the prescribed measuring process (Sec. 2, Nos. 5, 6, 6a of the German Ordinance on Fuel Consumption Labelling for Cars [Pkw-EnVKV] in the applicable version). The figures are not based on an individual vehicle. They are provided solely for the purpose of comparing different vehicle models. It is common that differences occur in real driving conditions compared with these certified laboratory values.

**** The app is created and run by Next Green Car Ltd, Mercedes-Benz South West and smart south west are not affiliated with the website.